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Founded in 1960 in California, HangTen set the standard for surfing fashion in the 60s, which later became an entire lifestyle. Hang Ten produced the first surf shorts when founder Duke Boyd convinced seamstress Doris Boeck to sew a pair of nylon shorts that would be comfortable but extremely durable to withstand the toughest waves. Doris also embroidered the iconic Hang Ten feet, which would represent the Hang Ten surfing maneuver, i.e. when you stand along the front and"hang"all ten toes outside the top of the board. Read more about how to make a Hang Ten here .

During the 70s, Hang Ten saw opportunities to expand beyond surfing and became a pioneer in new action sports and introduced lifestyle clothing to a whole new market. During the 80s and 90s, Hang Ten played a crucial role in promoting events that would lead to today's pro tours and the X Games.

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